VIP & Bottle Service

How Does sutralounge Bottle Service Work?

When your group makes a reservation for bottle service using our site you are making a reservation directly with SutraLounge ATL. Think of us as your digital promoter and host for Sutra as we make it extremely simple and easy to put your reservation in directly with our system at no cost to you. You simply arrive at the club and check in at the table reservation area. The bottle service reservations will be under your name and No Cover. The location of your table will be dependent on your arrival time at the venue and your planned spend for the night. Know that your reservation comes with your own table and area to sit as well as your own waitress, busser, and security. You can have your own area separate, or integrated from or with the general public to dance, drink, and enjoy the event.


1 premium bottle 5 people free entry $199.00 plus gratuity
2 premium bottle 10 people free entry $399.00 plus gratuity
3 premium bottle 15 people free entry $599.00 plus gratuity